• Never forget what this word means – aspiration. 
  • The future won’t build itself – actual people will make it happen. If everyone had relied on others to do it, there would have been no innovation or creation then.
  • When you are young, stupid or desperate, you go out and try things against all the odds.
  • Corruption or bureaucracy or inefficiency are in some way technology problems. Can we solve and fix the broken piece of the world?
  • The world of commercial success is more about “kill time” than “save time”. Think of Google, Microsoft vs. Facebook and other alike.
  • On a successful business model or venture. There was once a really popular online forum for former school or class mate to connect. The majority, well, outsiders, didn’t know how their business model worked until the forum faded away later. It was all about “traffic” – a large amount  of users or potential consumers visited their site every single day – a potential opportunity for business to sell their product or service. The specific application, i.e., forum for a specific topic, doesn’t really matter. What matters is how this application, e.g., social media, or networking, would attract users, if at all.  Also, it is important to understand the social trend – in particular, on those who afford to spend, no matter how meaningless the “trend” is. Think of “kill time”…


Rule number one: We need to admit the fact that we are all consumers – we consume all finds of resources, natural or artificial, to keep ourselves entertained. We design things to make ourselves happy, and life less boring. No exception. Human being is selfish by nature – it’s always me, me and me. Eventually, the earth will be burned out and nothing left.

Life should be enjoyable… I like the theme song in Thomas and Friends…

A few websites worthwhile for a visit…

This is the IEEE Spectrum magazine where you see some latest technology development and press release.

A good book on deep learning A UK site sharing latest technological advancements (MIT Technology Review)

One more thing…

Templates built with Bootstrap framework

An open-source hardware (pcDuino)

Just a few other things that seem interesting to me.


My favorite food – this probably is the best udon noodles I ever had so far. It’s a restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara. There was another time when I had something similar at the Tokyo Narita Airport (成田国際空港). That was in December 2005, a long time ago though.


Another one of my favorite foods is Shaomei. My hometown has the best Shaomei in the world.

My favorite dev tools:
Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery (UI, Mobile, etc.), Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova, Topcoat (a light-weight CSS framework), and Node.js.

Where the Internet or personal computing is moving…
If the center of computing has shifted from PC to mobile phone, then the mobile phone should run all the peripheral parts of a personal computer. On cloud computing, the processing is in the phone, while the data and applications run in the cloud.

Another type of innovation
There are two types of innovation. The first one is to fundamentally change the way people do things or give people something they don’t already have – even though sometime people may not need it at all. The other type – to create something people use to kill their time. Nowadays there are just too many people of this sort. Opportunities? A big YES.