How to install ABAQUS on Ubuntu?

The instructions below have been tested on Ubuntu 12 and 14.

1. Install C shell (CSH or TCSH)

sudo apt-get install csh tcsh

cd ~

mkdir ~/abaqus

mkdir ~/abaqustemp

mkdir ~/abaqusworks


2. Install the license server and product

Open up an terminal, switch to CSH shell.


Now, install license server and product using CSH shell.


You might need to change the property of two or three script files (to make them executable)


3. Create a few alias so that you don’t have to type in the long path in order to bring up ABAQUS

sudo gedit ~/.bashrc


alias abaqus=/home/your_account_name/abaqus/6.14-1/Commands/abq6141

alias abaqus_license=/home/your_account_name/abaqus/6.14-1/License/lmgrd -c /home/your_account_name/License/license.lic -l /home/your_account_name/License/abaqus_debug.log

alias abaqus_license_down=/home/your_account_name/abaqus/License/lmdown -all


4. Install two additional packages

You might get two messages when you install ABAQUS or the first time you run ABAQUS. You will need to install those additional packages.

sudo apt-get install ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE


5. On the display issue

You would need to switch to Gnome classic no effects to avoid the translucent windows

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Log out and log back in (click the Ubuntu logo to switch to GNOME classic before providing your identity)

Log in interface