Java libraries/API for some popular sites/services


  • 112 api
    Fukko Iine Souce Code.
  • 4Store API
    Java API for using 4Store.
    An engine/ API for programming (and battling) Snake bots in Java!.
  • agmip translators
    AgMIP Core API Translators.
  • agorava core
    Agorava Core API and Implentations.
  • android actionbar compat
    This compatibility library makes the ActionBar API available to Froyo+ devices. It provides the same functionality as the AOSP ActionBarCompat and TabCompat sample projects. In addition, you can define the state of the home icon as a navigation item programmatically. You can use ActionBar tabs and the new support NavigationDrawer.
  • api
    The Reference Implementation of the JSR 299: Contexts and Dependency Injection API.
  • apis
    OAuth Authorization as a Service.
  • App Engine Java Mapper API demos
    Demos of various uses of the Java Mapper API.
  • archaius
    Library for configuration management API.
  • async
    Building blocks for asynchronous Java processing inspired by Twisted’s API.
  • avaje ebeanorm
    EbeanORM API and implementation.
  • backlog4j
    Java library for Backlog API.
  • balanced java
    Balanced API library in java.
  • basex api
    BaseX API Implementations (obsolete).
  • beansight api
    Documentation and samples to use the Beansight API.
  • BlockBreak
    Forge API for block break events.
  • brcm accounts api
    The transaction and analytics engine powering much of Wesabe.
  • browsertime
    Fetch timings (like the Navigation Timing API data ) and other data from your browser.
  • buildable
    Java annotations and processor for creating fluent api style POJO builders.
  • BukkitArena
    Implementation of the Arena API for Bukkit.
  • campfire api
    A java library for the Campfire API.
  • Carousel API Android
    I modified the original code by Davy Leggieri and added more functionality to it to make its implementation a child’s play :D.
  • ceres
    A Java API supporting module based software architecture.
  • cinderella
    A REST/Query based API for vCloud.
  • color4j
    The core project in the Color4j community, containing API and implementation for Color Physics, Capture application, Spectrophotometer drivers and more.
    Biblioteca em Java que abrange as principais API ‘s do Buscap? Company.
  • contactlist
    java api to retrieve contact list of email(hotmail, gmail, yahoo, sohu, sina, 163, 126, tom, yeah, 189 and 139) and im(msn).
  • createsend java
    A Java library for the Campaign Monitor API.
  • crocodoc java
    Java Wrapper for Crocodoc’s API.
  • crowdery crowdflower java
    Part of the Crowdery framework. Java implementation of the Crowdflower API.
  • datasync
    Desktop / Console application for updating datasets via the SODA Publisher API.
  • datatables4j core parent
    Data Tables4j Core API and implementations.
  • deadbolt 2 java
    Idiomatic Java API for Deadbolt 2.
  • def proxy
    Simple API for building dynamic proxies.
  • deliciousapi
    A java api to acess delicious, highly OO :).
  • deltacloud tools
    Collection of Tools for interacting with DeltaCloud API.
  • deploy
    Intalio Deployment Service and APIs.
  • dnspod java
    DNSPod API written in java.
  • do4j
    DO4J DigitalOcean for Java A Java wrapper for the DigitalOcean API.
  • dropbox4j
    Dropbox API Java implementation.
  • DynmapCore API
    Common core API for Dynmap.
  • ecwid mailchimp
    MailChimp API Wrapper for Java.
  • efflux
    A Java RTP stack with RTCP support and a clean API.
  • erma
    ERMA (Extremely Reusable Monitoring API ) is an instrumentation API that has been designed to be applicable for all monitoring needs. The design goal is “to make instrumentation as simple as logging.” Lowering the effort needed to add instrumentation will encourage developers to add monitoring code where ever it makes sense.
  • EtsyAndroidSDK
    Java Libraries for Etsy API.
  • eve api
    EVE Online API implementation.
  • evrythng tools
    A Java wrapper around the EVRYTHNG API.
  • ExcelCompare
    Command line tool (and API ) for diffing Excel Workbooks.
  • factual java driver
    Java driver for the Factual API.
  • fbapi4j
    FogBugz API for Java.
  • finagle resteasy
    Binding of Finagle client/server APIs to Resteasy.
  • firebase4j
    Source for the Java interface to the Firebase API.
  • Flapi
    Flapi is an API generator for Java , which generates chained API’s for improved fluency in your code.
  • Flickr4 Java
    Java API For Flickr. Fork of FlickrJ.
  • floorplanner api java
    Samples showing the usage of the Floorplanner API with Java.
  • forrst
    Simple Java wrapper around the Forrst API (v2).
  • foundation
    This is a Java foundation framework that delivery common problems based on best practices and design patterns. One of its target is to provide a high level framework to accomplish a high performance solution and a easy to use API.
  • freebase java api
    A Java API for interacting with
  • fullscreen p5
    Fullscreen API for the Processing programming language.
  • gatein api
    Collaboration space on a prototype for an API targeted at GateIn developers.
  • generic framework
    Generic Framework is a Java API for rapid application development.
  • ghost4j
    Java wrapper for Ghostscript C API + PS/PDF document handling API.
  • gmail4j
    Gmail API for Java.
  • goodroads api
    Java library implements goodroads api.
  • GoodsReview API
    API for GoodsReview service.
  • hackerrank core
    API Wrappers and Bots for the coding competition site “HackerRank”.
  • hdhr
    HDHomeRun Java API and Viewer Application.
  • helpscout api java
    Java wrapper for the Help Scout API.
  • highrise java api
    A Java API for 37signals Highrise.
  • Hubspot API java
    Hubspot API wrapper for Java.
  • hue api
    Java library to use Philips Hue.
  • Indicee Custom Table App Sample
    A complete Indicee API sample app, demonstrating the generation of a customised tabular data output.
  • InPUT
    A descriptive and programming language independent format and API for the simplified configuration, documentation, and design of computer experiments.
  • Instagram Java
    Java wrapper for Instagram’s API v1.
  • jackson core
    Core part of Jackson that defines Streaming API as well as basic shared abstractions.
  • jackson databind
    General data binding package for Jackson (2.x): works on streaming API (core) implementation(s).
  • janbanery
    The Fluent Kanbanery API Java connector : ).
  • java basecamp api wrapper
    An almost complete Java Wrapper for the BaseCamp API.
  • java binding v1
    TripIt API v1 Java language binding.
  • java cluster api
    (Do not use this API , it was just a school project, and its slow) An API written in Java for computing tasks concurrently and distributed.
  • java gitlab api
    A wrapper for the Gitlab API written in Java.
  • Java MAPI Wrapper
    This project provides a starting point for integrating the Brightcove Media API into your application. It provides simple ways to interact with the API.
  • java spec
    RestDoc Java Specification ( API model).
  • java stackexchange
    Java Stackexchange 2.1 API.
  • java sunlightapi
    Java Version of Sunlight API.
  • JavaNos Api
    Java wrapper for the NOS api.
  • jbanking
    A Java banking API.
  • jBitTorrent API
    Java library for BitTorrent.
  • jBloomberg
    jBloomberg is a high level API that wraps the low level Bloomberg Java API.
  • JCosm API
    Java API for cosm.
  • jdoris
    Java API for InSAR processing.
  • jena sparql api
    A collection of simple extensions of Jena offering many goodies!.
  • Jetstream
    streaming proxy for salesforce streaming api.
  • jHipChat
    Java implementation of the Hipchat API.
  • jInstagram
    A java wrapper for the instagram api.
  • jinx
    Flickr API wrapper written in Java.
  • jmsdigger
    JMSDigger is JMS API basedEnterprise Messaging Application assessment tool.
  • jMusixMatch
    A Java wrapper for the MusiXmatch API.
  • joal
    Java Binding for the OpenAL API.
  • jocl
    Java Binding for the OpenCL API.
  • joda beans
    Java library to provide an API for beans and properties.
  • jReddit
    Reddit API wrapper for Java.
  • jscribd
    A Java library for interacting with the Scribd API.
  • jsmpp
    Java SMPP (Short Message Peer to peer Protocol) API.
  • jsr354 api
    JSR 354 Money and Currency API.
    Java wrapper for API.
  • jython burp api
    Develop Burp extensions in Jython.
  • jzmq api
    A Java ?MQ API for abstracting the various implementations of ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol.
  • knicker
    Java interface to the Wordnik API.
  • kornakapi
    this is a mahout api. “kornak” is mahout in polish.
  • Kotha
    A simple Java framework to write strongly typed remote APIs.
  • krypt core java
    Java implementation of the krypt core API. The official repo has moved to.
  • lastfm java API in Java.
    Java bindings for the API.
  • LauncherCore
    LauncherCore API Connection and Services.
  • leaguelib
    Java library for the League of Legends RTMPS API (built on top of LoLRTMPSClient by Gabriel Van Eyck).
  • leap motion processing
    Simple library to use the complete Leap Motion API in Processing.
  • leftronic java
    A Java API to send data to Leftronic dashboards.
  • librato java
    Java language bindings for the Librato API.
  • license
    HeadsUp License API and Manager.
  • lutung
    Lutung A Java Mandrill API Connector.
  • magic config api
    All interfaces for the magic config library.
  • magja
    Java Connector for Magento’s API.
  • MailJimp
    Java API for MailChimp.
  • Mambu APIs Java
    Java Library for working the the Mambu APIs.
  • marine api
    Java Marine API NMEA 0183 library for Java.
  • Material API
    Gives the ability to create custom items!.
  • message api
    Use simple, technology neutral method calls for messaging (JMS, ESB, etc.).
  • meteo
    Java library for fetching weather data from
  • Metrika4j
    Java wrapper for Yandex.Metrika API.
  • microsoft translator java api
    Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API.
  • mittere api java
    Mittere API for Java.
  • mod rxvertx
    Vert.x module which uses RxJava to “Rx ify” the Vert.x APIs making them composable.
  • MyHackerspace
    Status and information hackerspaces, using the Space API.
  • Namecheap DNS Java API
    Implementation for Namecheap dns provider public API in Java.
  • native platform
    Java bindings for various native APIs.
  • nexpose java api
    A library used to connect to the Nexpose API.
  • nurokore
    Java APIs and standard implementations for machine learning.
  • object cursor
    Object based Cursor API inspired by the Gmail team.
  • oim api samples
    OIM API samples in java.
  • olap4j
    Open Java API for OLAP.
  • onebusaway gtfs realtime api
    Java classes generated from the GTFS realtime protocol buffer specification.
  • Open Data NantesApi
    Librairies Java pour acc?der aux API de
  • OpenDDR Java
    Java Implementation of OpenDDR Simple API.
  • openerp java api
    A Java API to connect to OpenERP and manage data using the XMLRPC interface.
  • OurVirt
    Java API for virtual machine managers.
  • owl2java
    Makes working with OWL ontologies in Java easy by auto generating classes that wrap OWL instances with a convenient API.
  • owlapi
    OWL API main repository.
  • owlapitools
    owlapitools a set of independent add ons for OWL API.
  • pagerduty java
    Simple Java API for PagerDuty.
  • Panel4P
    A simple interface/control panel for Processing that makes use of the Java Reflection API to automatically update fields and call methods.
  • paymill java
    Java wrapper for Paymill API.
  • pdb.values
    generic immutable recursive data representation API targeted at source code models and more.
  • piwik java tracking
    Official Java Implementation of the Piwik Tracking API.
  • planetwars api full
    Full Final Planetwars API.
  • play promise presentation
    A presentation on using the play promise API.
  • Possom
    Java Search API. Provides an search API with implementations to various search indexes and providers. Provides high performance searching across multiple indexes, including federation.
  • protrade data
    Data management API for proTrade.
  • qi4j core
    The Qi4j Core platform, consisting of qi4j core api , qi4j core spi, qi4j core runtime, qi4j core bootstrap and qi4j core testsupport.
  • qiita4j
    Qiita API Java wrapper library.
  • quandl java
    This is a java api for the quandl dataservice.
  • Quick Torrent API
    An API with methods that glean data from popular tracker sites and have the ability to find the optimal download link.
  • RapidFTR BlackBerry Edition
    Repo for the Blackberry Application derived from the RapidFTR API.
  • rate limit
    Java Rate Limiting API.
  • reallysqs
    A VERY simple implementation of the Amazon SQS Api.
  • Register
    API for all major bukkit Economies for simplicity, Watch this for updates! Supports iCo4, 5 & 6, BOSE 6 & 7, Essentials ECO 2.2.17.
  • RESTAPIUnifier
    RESTAPIUnifier brings together all the APIs of various formats under one roof!.
  • rhevm api
    markmc staging tree of rhevm api.
  • root commands
    RootCommands Library to access root commands with Java API.
  • rubinius core api
    An implementation of the core Rubinius API for other rubies.
  • rzd api java
    Java API for RZD tickets service.
  • salesforce connector
    The Salesforce Connector will allow to connect to the Salesforce application. Almost every operation that can be done via the Salesforce’s API can be done thru this connector. This connector will also work if your Salesforce objects are customized with additional fields or even you are working with custom objects.
  • samples
    Source codes of Voiceassistant API samples.
  • Scoopit Java
    A java Framework to use API.
  • scufl2
    SCUFL2 Taverna workflow language and API.
  • SemWiktionary
    Java API to access data from [Wiktionary]( Specific target is the French Wiktionary.
  • SensorDB Java API
    A Java API for SensorDB.
  • SEOmoz APISamples
    SEOmoz API sample code and applications.
  • Classes Apps
    Classes & Apps for API.
  • Shopify4J
    Shopify API Bindings for Java.
  • shrinkwrap
    Java API for Archive Manipulation.
  • signal collect javaapi
    Java API for Signal/Collect.
  • simd java
    Simple DDS API for Java.
  • skype api samples
    Skype Java Api Samples.
  • skype java api
    Skype API for Java , based on Skype4 Java library.
  • snomedapi
    A Java API for the NHS SNOMED CT distribution.
  • social alerts api
    Bazaarvoice Social Alerts API allows 3rd party E mail Service Providers to implement connectors allowing Bazaarvoice to integrate its Interaction Suite with E mail Provider’s system very quickly.
  • soda java
    This is the Java API for the SODA 2.0 API.
  • soja
    Stomp Over Java Api.
  • soundcloud java library
    Unofficial Java library, which simplifies the use of the official SoundCloud Java API wrapper.
  • Stack Apps Java Library
    A wrapper library for the sites supported by the stack apps api.
  • streams
    A simple streaming API for handling data streams (deprecated, project moved to
  • SwiftRiver API
    An API for external (third party) applications to post and consume data to/from SwiftRiver.
  • SwitchCompatLibrary
    I backported the ICS Switch ( api level 14+) to Froyo ( api level 8).
  • tab samples
    Sample applications which uses tab APIs.
  • TabConfig
    Basic tab implementation of Tab API.
  • terremark api
    Terremark Enterprise Cloud Java API.
  • Thounds API
    Thounds API java wrapper.
  • ti android animation
    Access the Honeycomb+ Animation API via Titanium.
  • tradeframework
    A Java API for automated trading, market data , and historical data retrieval.
  • trader
    My automated trading system for Interactive Brokers TWS API.
  • TrakStok
    A proof of concept project for JSR 354: Money and Currency API.
  • trello4j
    Java wrapper around Trello API.
  • trippi
    Pluggable Triplestore API (used by fcrepo).
  • tumblr java
    A java library for the Tumblr API.
  • url builder
    Create properly encoded URLs with a builder style API.
  • vatsim data api
    An API to access the live VATSIM Data via the internet.
  • voms api java
    The VOMS Java APIs.
  • Weather API
    Abstracts online weather services into a simple API.
  • weld guiceconfig
    CDI JSR 299 extension prototype that allows Guice API to configure Weld/CDI.
  • WhatAPI
    Java API to be used with Gazelle, specifically What.CD.
  • WoW Auction House API
    Java framework to support retrieving auction house data from World of Warcraft.
  • wowapi
    A Java Based API for WoW.
  • wowjavaapi
    Java interface to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft API.
  • xbee api
    A Java API for Digi XBee/XBee Pro OEM RF Modules.
  • xeneo core api
    Core API specificatin of the XENEO system.
  • Xero API PrivateApplication Java
    Quickstart library for implementing private application access to Xero using Java.
  • xqj2
    Proposed extensions to the XQJ API (JSR 225).
  • yahoo weather java api
    A Java API for the yahoo weather RSS feed service.
  • YahooMailApi Sample
    The sample lets you play with Yahoo Mail API’s.
  • YellowBot API java
    Java bindings for the YellowBot API.
  • yesrpx
    Jan Rain RPX api.
  • yumtum api
    backend api for yumtum.
  • zipwhip api
    Open Source Zipwhip Java API bindings.