Noki: The smart doorlock for Europe

About this project

What is Noki?

Noki is the first smart doorlock produced in and for Europe. With Noki you will no longer have to carry a key, just having your smartphone in your pocket is enough to enter your house. Noki is designed to fit on doorlocks with EU cylinders. It can be easily installed on top of your existing lock without removing or replacing anything – it takes just a few minutes.


Auto – Open & Lock Function

Noki welcomes you home: Thanks to Bluetooth & GPS, Noki automatically detects when you approach your home and unlocks the door for you. It also recognises when you are at home and doesn’t unlock the door. When you leave, Noki locks the door behind you. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Easy to Install

Noki is easy to install – you don’t have to replace your existing doorlock neither your keys. Attach Noki to your existing lock on the inside of the door and fix 3 screws. Pair it with your Android phone or iPhone and you are ready to control your lock through the Noki apps. Noki can be installed without any professional support within 5 minutes. You have to pull the bolt to open your door? No problem, just configure it within the Noki apps.

Your door should meet the following requirements:

  • A europrofile-cylinder with approximately 3 mm overlap on the inside.*
  • If your door opens outwards, make sure that there are at least 29mm of distance between the center of your cylinder and the door’s frame.
  • A double cylinder with an emergency function.

* We are currently working on a solution that doesn’t require the 3 mm overlap on the inside, but cannot guarantee yet.

Share Access with Family & Friends

Noki comes with free apps for Android and iOS. You can grant access codes to friends and family, but will always remain in control of your Noki as you can restrict access at any time. Invitations can be sent via SMS or E-Mail.

Lock Status Always Available

Noki displays the status of your home door right on your smartphone wherever you are. An access log and notifications will keep you updated as well. No more doubts and uncertainties about your door.

Lock & Unlock from Anywhere

With the help of the Noki Bridge it is possible to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. The Bridge allows you to not only operate Noki from within Bluetooth reach (approx. 10m), but also via a mobile data connection from anywhere. Not sure if you need the Bridge from the beginning? You can seamlessly upgrade the Noki Bridge afterwards and extend your Noki. The Bridge needs a WiFi Connection and has to be plugged into a power plug in the near (approx. 10m) of Noki.


Noki is based on the same encryption models used in modern Online Banking. This are open sourced, end-to-end encryption mechanisms and techniques, like Diffie-Hellman based key exchange, XSalsa with 256bit keys and cryptographic nonces. User based cryptographic keys are stored only inside your Noki and your Noki App. No central storage on a server and there is no master key for your Noki.


Noki will last for 300 days on standardised AA batteries that are supplied with Noki. If your battery runs low, Noki will notify you both on your smartphone and via your door lock well in advance.


What you see is what you get. We offer a lot of Early Bird Packages – but no worries if they are already sold out. By ordering Noki on Kickstarter you will save money anyway, no matter which reward you choose.

Noki Smartwatch App (235.000 €)

Open and close your door with the help of your smartwatch. If you approach your home door your smartwatch will automatically open the Noki app and display a unlock button.

Noki API (270.000 €)

Noki will interact in two ways with 3rd parties like your existing home automation system: On the one hand Nokis Bluetooth protocol will be public available so that anyone can write software that connects to Noki. On the other hand the Noki Bridge will provide the possibility to request status information and send commands to all connected Nokis through an easy to integrate HTTP-XML protocol.

Android Bridge (300.000 €)

Beside our beautifully designed and manufactured Noki Bridge, you’ll also be able to use any Android phone which runs at least Android 4.3 and supports Bluetooth 4.0 as a Noki Bridge. Simply place it permanently within Bluetooth range of your Noki, connect it to a nearby power plug and the internet, download our Bridge software from the Google Play store and enjoy all the benefits of an always-on Noki. If we reach 300.000€ the app will be free to all backers of Noki during the campaign as a thank-you gift!

Noki Fob (350.000 €)

Our final stretchgoal is the Noki Fob – a Bluetooth remote control. It comes very handy for people in your household who don’t have smartphone. The Fob get setup within the Noki app and you can share it with your family and friends. When coming, just press the Fob and Noki unlocks the door for you.

The Noki Journey

Noki has been under progress for over a year and has passed many rounds of prototyping, testing and feedback from our internal testers. Designed by the renowned design group EOOS who is also working with the Bill Gates Foundation, Adidas and Giorgio Armani, Noki provides a unique and elegant style that will enhance every home door.

We did a lot of trial and error to find the best solution in terms of design.


All team members of Noki can be found on the Noki website.


Why we are launching on Kickstarter

We’re launching Noki directly to the people most excited about it. Kickstarter is a great community of early adopters and innovators. We want to establish a community with people who believe in our vision and want to participate in it. Your funds will be fully used to fund the upcoming manufacturing of Noki. Kickstarter is the perfect place to fulfill this goal and we are really excited to go!

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Risks and challenges

At Noki our mission is to make door locks smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. We are thrilled to take on this challenge because we believe in the power of mobile technology innovations to facilitate the daily live of you and me. We tested and developed different models and strive for finding the best working solution to solve this problem. However, every project carries risks with it. The most common risks are potential delays in production, obtaining supplier materials, packaging and shipping. We do everything do reduce these risks but it has to be said that they can never be completely eliminated.