Sublime Text reindent, autoindent, and autocomplete

You can find it in Edit>>Line>>Reindent, but it does not have a shortcut by default. You can add a shortcut by going to the menu Preferences – Keybindings-User, then add there (the config file takes as a JSON format):

    { "keys": ["f12"], "command": "reindent"} 

(example of using the F12 key for that functionality)

Reindent allows someone to copy and paste code to a new file and assign proper indentation to the code.


Install Anaconda in Package Control (Package Control: Install Package), then search for Anaconda.

Sometimes, you will see a white rectangle outside each line of code. That’s because “linting” is on. You could turn it off.  For example, on Windows, ctrl + shift + p, then Anaconda: Disable linting on this file.

Or, you could disable linting altogether within the user-defined Anaconda settings file, Anaconda.sublime-settings, via the file menu: Sublime > Preferences > Package Settings > Anaconda > Settings – User: When it opens file, just type the following and save it away 😉

{“anaconda_linting”: false}

How to bring up a list of functions:

Hit CTRL+R, or CMD+R for Mac, for the function list. This works in Sublime Text 1.3 or above.