Speech recognition with an Arduino shield

About this project

Hi Everyone!

My name is Patrick Mitchell.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my eleventh Kickstarter Campaign!  Several years ago, we at Engineeringshock Electronics wanted to create a device that would allow for users to use speech samples to control their circuitry without having to interface with a PC.  From this idea, the ES6928P was born.  The ES6928P was very popular, but we had to stop manufacturing them for several reasons. Many of the parts became obsolete, and manufacturing was extremely expensive.  For several years we were not able to manufacture or stock them.  We received tons of emails and requests from people who were interested, and had seen our old youtube videos, but we simply couldn’t move forward with a new model. That is, until now.  

We recently had the PCB upgraded, and we were able to find replacement components that are more robust and more suitable for this new model! Meet the ES6929P!   The ES6929P speech recognition set is production ready!  We’ve manufactured a small run of of this new model, and have done extensive testing! We just need the funds to move forward with a full production run!  The ES6929P is production ready, but we need your help!

The ES6929P!

The ES6929P is capable of saving up to four 1.25 second speech commands at a time. You can reprogram these commands at any given time with ease!  It only takes a minute!  Best of all, the ES6929P talks to you!  It takes you through the training process, and lets you know which operating mode you are in.  You can unplug the speaker at any point in time at no consequence to operation. The speech command information is saved into an on-board EEPROM chip, which allows for the user to power off the device, and power it back on without having lost command data. When a programmed command is recognised by the device, the corresponding output pin will go from 0-5v for roughly 1.25 seconds, then back down to 0v. It is TTL compatible and it works well with PICs, Arduino, Stamp, and other digital projects.  You can easily make the outputs compatible with Raspberry Pi using a resistor divider.  We will be offering instructions on how to do this in the written user-manual!  Simply program in your four commands, connect the outputs to your external circuitry, and you are off to the races!

The diagram above notates the power supply terminal block, the programming buttons, the speaker connector, and the output connector slots. These are the only areas of interest that you’ll need to consider when working with the ES6929P!  There is also a reset button behind the speaker connector.  It is that simple to use!  The extra jumpers and connectors on the board are for chip programming, and are not touched during operation.  The ES6929P requires a power supply of 7.5VDC to 9VDC.  When in scanning mode, it consumes between 25mA and 30mA of current.  Mounting holes can be found in each corner of the ES6929P.  M3 screws and nuts work well for mounting!


With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.  Especially with the port expansion board!  Control AC devices with a relay board, or run your Arduino project with specific voice commands!  With a little bit of creativity, you can do so much with this little guy!  While the official video/written manuals will be completed and made available at the end of this campaign, we will create a short, but detailed video that outlines all of the functions of the ES6929P.  This video will be posted to this campaign no later than June 10th/2015.  This video will also be linked to a project update!

Port Expansion?  

Yes sir! Have you ever wanted to make a speech-based combination lock? Would you like to toggle the logic from the ES6929P as opposed to having momentary logic? Would you like to double the output capability of the ES6929P? Well you can! We’ve created a Port Expander board that easily hooks up to the ES6929P that does just this! We will also be including an Active-High/Active-Low option! This board will be ready for show and tell by the 12th of June. I will be creating a video for this, which I will be adding to this campaign. The software is complete and the first revision PCBs are in transit! Several of the rewards include this port expansion board. It is an extremely simply board, and a second revision will not be required. I will be adding this port expander set into the video manual at the end of this campaign! Please note that you do not need this port expansion board to interface with your own projects! It is simply a device that acts to compliment the ES6929P! Expect a video demonstration soon!  Rewards that include this port expansion set will also include female-male wire connectors for easy interface with your own circuits! 

User manuals, you say?

I will be creating a written user manual that will include detailed written instructions on how to use the ES6929P and the Expansion sets!  I will also be including detailed set-up diagrams!  However, some people prefer to follow video manuals, which is why I always create detailed and practical video manuals for all of my projects!  I will be creating this video manual at the end of this campaign, and it will detail every aspect of both the ES6929P set and the Port Expansion board!

Why Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter community has been very supportive of my projects over the past year and a half!  Without the support of electronics enthusiasts around the globe, my projects would not see the light of day.  The ES6929P is very expensive to manufacture.  In order to move forward with a real production run, we need to generate a bare minimum of $2600.  If we can do this, then I will be working night and day to ensure that you receive your rewards on time.  This is a personal policy of mine.  All rewards from all nine of my successful campaigns were shipped on time.  If you pledge to this project, then I pledge to you that I will be personally testing and shipping your reward with my own two hands, and by the expected shipment date!

Production Schedule:

I have a working formula that I have been following for each of my Kickstarter campaigns. I will also be employing said production formula for this campaign.  During the first two weeks of this campaign, I’ll be readying orders for components and parts. I will also begin collaborating with my manufacturer.

At the end of the first two weeks of this campaign I will have a good idea as to whether or not this campaign will be successful. If at this point things are looking good, then I will begin purchasing all of the components, and have them shipped to my manufacturer for assembly.

At the end of the third week, my manufacturer should have all of the components. I will have also ordered all of the wire connectors, and speakers. These parts should all be in transit to my lab by the end of the third week. All of this information will be shared via project updates. You will not have to go looking for any information =)

At the end of the fourth week, this campaign will be in it’s last days. At this point in time, my manufacturer will be done (or close to being done) assembling the units. At this point, I should have all of the other components required for shipment in my possession.  At this time, I will program all of the chips, and begin the testing of each and every ES6929P set and port expander assembly.

In the two weeks following the end of this campaign, I will be readying the video manual, the written manual, and readying rewards for shipment. There will be several project updates during this time. Every set will be quality tested prior to shipment. At the end of this two week period, I will have received the funds from Kickstarter, and I will have begun shipping rewards out. That is, if I am fortunate enough to have led a successful campaign!  If this is the case, then the ES6929P and accessories will each be sealed in protective ESD bags during reward packaging.  The Port Expansion sets will also be sealed in similar ESD bags for safe shipment.

Final Thoughts:

Thank you for taking the time to check out this campaign.  If you’ve made it this far, it really means a lot.  Thank you so much for your consideration.  If I have earned your pledge, then please know that timely reward shipment is at the top of my list of priorities.  I will be working very diligently to ensure that you are shipped a quality reward in a timely manner.  Thank you again for your time and consideration.  It is truly appreciated.

Ever sincerely,

Patrick Mitchell – Engineeringshock Electronics 

Risks and challenges

There are very few risks involved with this project. The ES6929P sets are production ready. The software is ready for the Port expansion boards, and the first revision of the port expansion boards will be in my possession very soon. I have solid relationships with my component suppliers/ manufacturers, and I have a lot of experience in running successful Kickstarter campaigns. If by the off chance there was a large burst in orders right at the end of the campaign, then I would have to ask my manufacturer to quickly assemble more units, which would mean that some people would have to wait for the additional units, but I do not see this happening. I do my very best to forecast what parts are needed for reward shipment. I’ve not run into this problem as of yet, and I do not anticipate that this will be a problem that I run into for this campaign!