Speech controlled robot for home appliance

About this project

Introducing LoveLinkU, the Ultimate Voice-Controlled Robot

LoveLinkU is revolutionary technology that will change the way you interact with your home, and the loved ones living in it, forever. It is the ultimate voice-controlled robot that recognizes your unique voice print and does as you command. Whether you’re stuck in traffic and need to start preheating the oven for dinner, or you just want to change the thermostat, LoveLinkU does it all. LoveLinkU is available EXCLUSIVELY to Kickstarter Backers first, so don’t miss out on experiencing the future!


  • Voice Controlled Home Appliance(s):
    Turn on your TVs and adjust the room temperature just by talking to your LoveLinkU robot.
  • Remote Control via Your smartphone:
    If you’re away from home, no worries, just talk to our smartphone app which can communicate directly with your robot back home.
  • Pre-configured Module:
    Combine a series of commands into a pre-configured module. With one word, the robot will do it all.
  • Media Player:
    Play videos and music from local storage.
  • Push-Content Receiver:
    Receive audio books and new songs from online resources automatically.
  • Family Health Condition:
    Collect family health data and share with other members at real time.
  • Wireless Charger:
    Charge your cell phones without the hassle of cords.
  • Secret Word:
    Activate your robot with a secret word.

How LoveLinkU Helps You

Scenario #1: Super Mommy

Life can be such a hassle and super busy. Luckily, LoveLinkU is here to help you be as efficient and effective as possible. Whether you’re the best soccer-mom in the world, or just a simpleton who needs some help around the house, LoveLinkU has you covered. With the ability to turn on home appliances, you can get dinner ready before you even arrive home! Turn on the A/C through LoveLinkU, and enjoy the feel of your home as you return from a long day’s work!

Scenario #2: Empty Nesters

Stay in touch with your loved ones, and let them know how you’re doing at anytime! LoveLinkU allows you to send and share videos right on your TV screen. See your family’s face as if they were really home! The robot even helps assist in recording health data and allowing you to share it among family and friends.

Scenario #3: Love Birds

Make it up to your Darling, and put a smile on their face. Share memories you both hold dear. With LoveLinkU’s multi-user capability, you and your loved one can both have access to the LoveLinkU robot. Share a poem that reminded you of him, or tell your robot to share the photos from your first date. The one that made you fall in love with her.

 Scenario #4: Need an Extra Hand

No matter where you are, working out or cooking your delicious dinner, you wish you had a helper that could change the music or even adjust your thermostat. LoveLinkU can help with it all. Just tell it what you want to do.

Languages Supported

LoveLinkU can understand English and Chinese currently. And more languages are added in the future depending on the customer base.

Wireless Charging Base

The base is not attached on the body and it can function as a wireless charging base which can charge your cell phones.


Our software allows you control the LoveLinkU robot back home remotely via voice. It comes in two versions – iOS and Android. Currently the software is still under development, but it will be release when the product is shipped in Oct, 2015.

Below screenshots show the software user interface under development.



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The Brains Behind The Love

Tina Tian, the creator, introducing LoveLinkU robot.
Tina Tian, the creator, introducing LoveLinkU robot.
Engineer demonstrating the functions of LoveLinkU robot.
Engineer demonstrating the functions of LoveLinkU robot.